Tina Fey Considered The End Of ’30 Rock’ In Planning The Birth Of New Baby, Penelope Athena

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Tina Fey gave birth to her second daughter, Penelope Athena last Wednesday after a reportedly easy pregnancy and several on-air jokes with both Ellen DeGeneras and Oprah Winfrey.

When Tina announced in April on The Oprah Winfrey Show that she was expecting, the 30 Rock star said that she and husband Jeffrey Richmond had decided to try for another baby after considering the expiration of the show:

“My husband and I really decided that we felt rather than risk having 30 Rock end in several years and feeling like part of our family is missing that we were going to prioritize our family.”

Tina’s comments highlight the many agonizing questions that older mothers, particularly those with careers, face when considering having children.  But Tina’s confession that not having another baby further down the line would be a massive regret at the conclusion of the professional achievement that is 30 Rock weighs pretty heavy. Her choice is certainly not one that should be emulated by all mothers, but rather a reminder of the various, individual factors that go into the unique decision process of having a family — especially for women.