18 Facts About ‘The Golden Girls’ You Never Heard Until Now

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The Golden Girls and Affairs

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While none of the girls were unfaithful to their spouses, it seems that wasn’t the case for the men in their lives. Blanche finds out that her late husband, George, had a child outside of their marriage despite the fact that the two had been together since high school. She also learns by accident that her nanny and father carried on a torrid affair for many years right under her mother’s nose. Dorothy’s ex-husband Stan had multiple transgressions during their marriage. Dorothy dates a man she knows to be married despite her mother’s disapproval. He swears that it’s a marriage in name only, but Dorothy eventually breaks things off when she can no longer live with the guilt. Rose dates a man who has a heart attack in her bed one night. Only after his death does she find out he was married and a lifelong philanderer.

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