Snuggling Stuffed Animals Works Better Than Valium

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314163-001I’m getting more than used to the mayhem of a blended family and a new baby and all the noise that comes with that mayhem.

Some good Karma came my way, last week, when my fiancé had a business trip out of town, my baby’s loving Nana wanted to have him sleepover at her place, my daughter was with her father, and my stepchildren were with their mother.
This meant I had one entire night alone, all by myself.

I once looked forward to these nights – the ENTIRE bed to myself! Eating pizza in bed! Wearing my most ugly yet most comfortable pajamas! Not brushing my teeth! – but as I tried to fall asleep, I felt out of sorts and kind of lonely. The silence was deafening. That is, until I found Ellie, and spent the night sleeping with her.

Who is Ellie? Well, Ellie has been in our family for almost 10 years, and is one of my daughter’s favorite stuffed animals, who has travelled the world with us, and is treated, as far as a stuffed animal goes, as well as an actual human. We all love Ellie, the stuffed elephant, and everyone knows to talk to her lovingly.

So when I saw that my daughter had left Ellie, the stuffed elephant, on my bed, I decided to just hug this stuffed animal to see how it felt. Before I knew it, I was acting like a toddler and Ellie, the stuffed elephant, became like my security blanket, and made me feel extremely relaxed and comforted. I held this stuffed animal even tighter. So, yes, I admit, I slept, cuddling with Ellie, the stuffed animal elephant, the entire night.

I’ve never been a good sleeper. It’s not uncommon for my friends to be like, “You sent me an e-mail at three a.m.” To which I respond, “I couldn’t sleep!” I also have the worst time falling asleep, my mind never stops thinking or worrying or stressing.
But it turns out, all I needed to get a good night’s sleep, is not to work out for hours a day, or listen to meditation apps, or drug myself, or drink no caffeine after noon.
I just needed a damn stuffed animal to cuddle with at bedtime. I wish I had known this years ago.

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