18 Facts About ‘The Golden Girls’ You Never Heard Until Now

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There really is a St. Olaf, Minnesota

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Rose’s, “Back in St. Olaf…” was the start of many a story that drove Dorothy bonkers. The St. Olaf of Rose’s recollections was, of course, fictional. However, there is a real St. Olaf township in Minnesota, and it has less than 400 citizens as residents. It was named after a Roman Catholic saint, one early king of Norway. In the show, despite its several mentions, the town itself was only shown three times. Once, the town named Rose Woman of the Year. This was in large part due to Dorothy and Blanche writing Rose a fake and exaggerated recommendation. Rose was unaware of the girls’ well meaning lies until she was about to receive the award. After being honest about her friends’ white lies, Rose still received her town’s highest honor.

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