25 Things Your Fetus Would Say If It Could Talk

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fetus ultrasoundPregnant ladies among us already know that their fetus has quite the personality. He or she “waves” during the fetus ultrasound. You wave back! Suddenly you’re craving foods you previously couldn’t stand, need to pee round the clock, and can’t even sleep at night. You would think that little baby has mind and schedule all of their own. And, most likely, he or she does! Among other things.

Some women in your birthing class, or very forward relatives, might be content to give your fetus a literal voice of its own (that annoying high-pitched one). But you’re already familiar with the bodily one that courses through you as you eye pickles.

You’ve lived, or are living through, all the talking points, whether they’re wicked pregnancy cravings, drinking during pregnancy, birth control failures, or third trimester intercourse. So imagine for a moment that your unborn baby could talk back to you during those La Leche League meetings. What would he or she say about your prenatal yoga classes? Those prenatal vitamins? Or even your dalliances with attachment parenting? Your unborn child may not have a lot to say on the topic of “advanced maternal age” (unlike everyone else). But considering the prominence of posting one’s ultrasound to Facebook, there’s certainly a lot else for in utero babies to have comments on.