Awful Family Fakes Horrific Kidnapping And Terrorizes 6-Year-Old To Teach Him About ‘Stranger Danger’

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family-kidnaps-own-childOne family thought their six-year-old was too nice and accepting to strangers. So they decided to teach him a lesson about “stranger danger” that is so horrifying you’ll hardly believe this story is real. Nathan Firoved, a man who works with the boy’s aunt, lured the child into a pickup truck while he was walking to school on Monday. The boy’s aunt asked Firoved to kidnap the boy to “scare” him because he is “too nice.” I already have a lump in my throat, but the story gets so much worse. From KSDK:

Once the child was in the truck, Firoved told him he would never “see his mommy again,” and he would be “nailed to the wall of a shed.” When the child started to cry, Firoved showed him a gun and threatened to hurt him if he did not stop crying. Firoved bound the boy’s hands and feet, covered his face and drove him around for a while. While the boy was blindfolded, he was unknowingly taken to his home, where his aunt removed his pants and told him he could be sold into sex slavery.

They did this to a six-year-old. It would be horrifying regardless, but a six-year-old. The only thing they taught the poor child is that he can’t trust his own family of psychopaths. He was left in the basement for some time before his family finally untied him and lectured him about stranger danger. The boy told school officials about the incident and they reported it to Child Services. When confronted, the suspects told investigators that they were trying to teach the boy a lesson and “felt they did nothing wrong.”

All four suspects are facing charges including felony kidnapping and abuse and neglect of a child. They are being held at the Lincoln County Jail on $250,000 cash-only bonds.

The child is staying with another family member. How was this collectively decided on as a good idea by four adults?
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(photo: KSDK)