Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Being A Mother To Quadruplets

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Becoming a mother to sextuplets or nonuplets isn’t just isolated to your daily random news stories. Women who birth and raise multiples truly do walk among us, bypassing the gaping stares and inane questions of many while they park their five-seated strollers and recount their IVF experience for the 50th time. While most questions put to mothers of multiples are valid, such as the number of diapers, inquiries into breastfeeding, and simply if they ever sleep, the tendency can be to study these families like zoo animals.

However, Mommyish tracked down one mother who was comfortable opening up about her home life. Cindy and her husband of eight years welcomed quadruplets (two boys and two girls) in 2008, born at 33 weeks via c-section. Now that her babies are four years old, Cindy has quite a few memories from her first forays in caring for four newborns. From childcare bills to selective reduction, the mother was candid with us about many of the details regarding her unique experience of motherhood.