My Infant Son Is The Best Boyfriend I Never Had

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newbornMy 6-month-old is the best boyfriend I never had.

Actually, I stole that line from my friend, who when we were discussing the differences between having a daughter and a son, mentioned this memorable line.

I am “in love” with my son. I don’t just love him; I’m IN love with him. One of my friends, who has both a son and a daughter, says that having a son is like a love affair. Don’t get me wrong, when my daughter was born, my heart swelled to the point that I thought it would explode with love, as it did when my son was born. But, I’m realizing, that as he gets older there’s just something…. different about the kind of love I have for my daughter and with my son.

It’s very hard to explain, without sounding inappropriate, but I’ll try to explain to the best of my abilities.

When my son sees me, I can actually see the love in his eyes. He likes to caress my face. When I walk into a room, his grin is huge. So, yes, he is like the best boyfriend I never had. And, also, he’s a flirt. He’ll look at me and give me a huge smile, and then turn away for a moment, and then turn back batting his eyelashes at me. I fall more in love.

My one friend who has a son and daughter says her son comes up to her every day, places his hands around her face and says, “Mommy I love you so much!” I asked, doesn’t her daughter do this (mine does) and she answered, “Are you kidding me? Never. She’s a daddy girl’s so she does that with him.”

When mothers who have sons ask me how my boy is doing,  I mention, “I’m in love with him. It’s like a love affair!” They completely agree with me. “I know,” they say. “That’s exactly right.”

It’s just a hard feeling to articulate. With my daughter, who obviously I couldn’t love more, I treated her more like a china doll when she was a baby. I would have fun dressing her. I was so careful with her. And now, and I know people hate to hear this, but we are friends (in fact, we are BFFs).

With my son, although I can’t see into the future, I just feel it’s a different sort of love. People always say, “Oh, she’s such a daddy’s girl,” as if that’s a really cute thing, when it comes to fathers and daughters. But when you say, “He’s such a mommy’s boy,” it comes across with somewhat of a negative connotation, as if they are boy-men who can’t do anything on their own.

So, while I love my daughter, I love my son but I’m also IN love with him. This is a two way street. It’s not only that when I cuddle him and feed him before bed, I feel this sense of, “My god, this is such a great feeling,” but it’s, like I mentioned, the way he looks at me and reaches out for me, as if I’m the one and only person he wants.

Also, when my girlfriends come over, he doesn’t give them the grins he gives me. Yes, this all may be a baby thing, because babies (unlike men) are so innocent and always just happy to see your face. They are so easy to please them, so simple and basic. Another reason I may feel “in love” with my son, is because he’s an extension of his father, who I adore and they look so much alike.

This is not a matter of loving one child more than another, because I don’t; it’s just some sort of feeling I have about my son. The one and only difference between my son being the best boyfriend I never had, is that I do have to change his diapers.