Mommy Erotica: What To Read Instead Of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

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mommy porn“I loved it but the writing is abysmal.”

This line pretty much sums up how many moms feel about Fifty Shades of Grey. The book comes up every five minutes in conversation these days and it’s reached a point where it’s kind of embarrassing to admit you haven’t read it yet. That said, the masses who have read it have differing opinions on the book. I’ve heard everything from “It saved my marriage” (this is a popular one) to “You call that erotica? I’m sticking with my Penthouse letters, thankyouverymuch.”

Either way, lots of women are busy searching for a Fifty Shades equivalent now that they’re in “mommy porn” mode. Just last week, while at the supermarket, I ran into a mom from my son’s school. She wanted to know if I’ve read the book.

“Yeah, I read it,” I told her. “But I didn’t like it. I mean, some of those scenes were hot but the writing ruined it.”

She then listed off a whole whack of alternatives, books she insisted would “do the trick” but that are actually well written – or at least not as annoying/unbearable as Fifty Shades. (This is what people are talking about in the cereal aisle, by the way.) I was too scattered to write them down but since that conversation I’ve had at least a handful of friends ask what else is out there now that they’ve finished the Fifty Shades trilogy.

So, in the interest of moms everywhere, I asked around and did a bit of research. I haven’t read any of these books myself (yet), but click through to see the top recommendations from those in the know.


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