Everyone Wants ‘Webcam 101 For Seniors’ Couple As Grandparents

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We live far, far away from our family so we make regular use of Skype. It really is awesome. Where my children would only see grandparents once or twice a year, they get to interact with them weekly or sometimes even daily. Both my in-laws and my parents have goofy games they play with the kids and my girls plead to “Skype” with “Grandma and Papa” or “Tutu and Toucan” as much as possible.

And yet …

And yet, sometimes the technical difficulties get to me. Both my parents and my in-laws are tech-savvy but something happens when we involve webcams. All of a sudden we’re all fumbling around to get a connection or fix the audio or get a picture. It’s frustrating beyond words.

Enter McMinnville, Oregon, couple Bruce and Esther Huffman. Their accidental recording of their own efforts to set up a webcam are so charming that their granddaughter posted it to YouTube under the name Webcam 101 for Seniors.

The couple is clearly loving — including some racy bits — and funny. It’s so cute, in fact, that I had a discussion with another journalist about whether it was faked. Yes, we’re that cynical.

Check it out here: