Bobbi Kristina Earns TV Role In Questionable Use Of Her Public Spotlight

bobbi kristina brownBobbi Kristina Brown isn’t hesitating at all in delving straight into the industry that compromised her mother. The 19-year-old was all set and ready to tape a sit down interview with Oprah not even a month after loosing Whitney Houston, giving spectators an even more intimate and profitable look at her loss. And now we have word that the young woman has earned her first major acting job in a Tyler Perry sitcom — a recurring role at that. The teenager has been through quite a lot what with her health. However, prolonging your media spotlight into professional acting opportunities following your mother’s tragic death doesn’t exactly scream class.

In Perry’s sitcom entitled “For Better Or Worse,” young Bobbi will play a hair stylist in the upcoming second season. For Perry, it’s no doubt a calculating choice to choose Ms. Brown considering the public’s newfound interest and concern for her — bringing those fans straight to his show every week.

Those YouTube videos reveal that Whitney’s daughter is clearly quite talented. But considering that she hasn’t exactly been racking up an acting resume, this professional move reads more like an opportunistic tactic to parlay that sudden public interest into a career. Not to mention, ratings. Although Whitney fans are clearly looking for the diva in her teenage daughter, using such a tragedy to catapult her own rising star seems like a tawdry mother-daughter postmortem — or just standard shameless show business.


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