Evening Feeding: Is There Ever A Good Reason For Child Marriage?

How can child marriage provide a safe alternative for girls when child brides are more likely to suffer domestic abuse than women who marry later? (DoubleX)

Snooki tells off “tanning mom” (The Stir)

Milla Jovovich‘s daughter catches a ride (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Mother’s Day madlib (Parents.com)

Help! My kids are spoiled brats! (YourTango)

Lena Dunham explains the lack of diversity on Girls (The Frisky)

The finger-wave hair tutorial (The Hairpin)

Prevent a heart attack simply by changing your mind (YouBeauty)

“M” is for many things (HuffPo Women)

Eight things I wish I had done differently in my last month of pregnancy (Babble)

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