Evening Feeding: Back To School Is Bliss For Moms

For moms, back-to-school is more motivating than New Years. (Intent Blog)

GOP women want the focus off abortion. (The Stir)

A child’s experience of immigration in The Distance Between Us. (DoubleX)

First baby bump photos of Adele. (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Was your child held back? Prepare him for repeating a grade. (Parents.com)

What’s in a name? Hint! It’s more than you think. (YourTango)

Girl talk: Why snooping makes you crazy. (The Frisky)

Venomous locks for fall. (The Hairpin)

The psychology of submission. (YouBeauty)

Women and poverty in the US: 18 essential facts and statistics. (HuffPo Women)

My baby sleeps through the night, why can’t I? (Babble)

(Photo: StockLite/Shutterstock)

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