Beyonce Might Use Her Uterus To Make More Babies

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Beyonce ABC NewsBeyonce is in London doing her highly controversially titled “Mrs. Carter” tour. But just because she’s a busy diva mother doesn’t mean she lacks a few moments to sit down with ABC news and talk about what she’ll be growing in her womb next!

The outlet reports that in addition to still enjoying her press-on nails, Beyonce is doing the mental sibling calendar. As in, looking down the line to see when she’ll get around to making Blue Ivy a big sister. Beyonce suggests that being a big sister was a formative part of her life, and she wants the same — if not similar — experience for her child:

“I would like more children. I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely love being big sister [to Solange Knowles.]”

Beyonce navigates this annoying “more kids” question stealthy, adding a “when it’s supposed to happen” before anyone can get too pushy on the baby projection. Husband Jay-Z hasn’t issued a statement to the press about his wife’s uterus lately, so perhaps that Blue Ivy sibling is closer than that “when it’s supposed to happen” implies. Taking bets now on whether those surrogacy rumors will resurface again with a second pregnancy?