Some Of These Little Known Details About Elvis Will Make You See The King Of Rock In A Whole New Light

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A court judge once threatened to arrest him

Elvis Presley


Fierce backlash wasn’t the only result of Elvis’ gyrating hips. In 1956, before Elvis performed his shows in Florida, Juvenile Court Judge Marion Gooding had a little meeting with the star and threatened to arrest him for “impairing the morality of minors” if he tried his suggestive dance moves again. The judge warned that he’d be watching the first show, but not only that – he even had deputies stationed in wings of the theater. So as a result, Elvis stood perfectly still and had to get creative with his hands.

Years later, Judge Gooding recalled: “They had me convinced that no teenage girl was safe around Elvis Presley. They wanted to have him watched at the theater, and they wanted his hotel room watched. They had him pictured as a real villain.”

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