Mmmmmm, Food Trends In 2019 Are Making Us Hungry!

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OK, let’s be honest: you’ve been waiting for the food trends, right? Sure, health trends and travel trends are nice, but food is where your heart is. We may not hit all of our health goals for 2019, and we may not get that amazing family vacation in the books. But food? Food we can do! Food is what makes life grand, what makes it all worth living. The good news is, according to Pinterest, we aren’t going to have to sacrifice flavor for healthy living in 2019! You can still hit all the food trends and keep your healthy living plan on track. At least for the first couple of months, we all know it goes off the rails around Easter anyway.

Food trends in 2019 are all about health and flavor.

If you’re looking for an alternative to non-dairy milks that are better for the environment, oat milk is where it’s at in 2019. Searches in Pinterest for oat milk are up 186%! Speaking of recipes, make 2019 the year you start making your own bread. It’s easy and wholesome, and there are so many recipes out there! Pinterest is reporting an increase of 413% for baking bread, so everyone is jumping on the fresh baked loaf train next year!

If you’re looking for a few other healthy alternatives, or are hoping to add some superfoods to your diet in 2019, Pinterest has you covered. According to their predictions, mushrooms will be everywhere from coffee to chocolate next year (searches for mushroom recipes are up 64%). You know you need to drink more water, right? So add some ginger! Ginger water searches on Pinterest are up a whopping 353%! And instead of chocolate, reach for the chayote in 2019 – this versatile gourd will be everywhere in 2019.

It’s not just superfoods – food trends in 2019 highlight some pretty cool recipes and dining options, too.

Skip store-bought jam for breakfast – make your own! Searches for homemade jam are up an incredible 829% for 2019. If you’re looking for low-prep and high flavor, consider foil pack meals! Searches for cooking in foil are up an insane 759%. We all want flavor, but we want it to be easy and delicious, right?! And don’t worry about place settings. According to Pinterest, it’s all about family grazing and family-style dining in the New Year.

Thinking about going vegan or Keto in 2019? Combine the two and consider a Pegan diet! Part vegan, part paleo, this new diet fad is all about eating well while maintaining healthy habits.

Food trends in 2019 highlight some pretty exciting stuff! What are most excited to try?

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