This Video Of A Toddler Trying To Eat A Cookie While Wearing Water Wings Will Make Your Day

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eating a cookie with water wings


Ah, toddlers. When they’re not randomly breaking things or writing on the wall, they’re pretty damn cute, aren’t they? I find that my little bundle of toddler energy is at his cutest when he’s eating just about anything, especially cookies. So what’s cuter than a toddler eating a cookie A toddler ATTEMPTING to eat a cookie while wearing water wings. ADORBS.

First of all, do they make these in adult sizes? I could have used these over the holidays, dammit! Second of all, America’s Funniest Home Videos is still on the air? Seriously? Not that I’m complaining, that show is awesome.

I don’t know which part is my favorite, his cute-tastic little cookie-covered face, or his tenacity at eating that elusive cookie. He is GOING to eat that delicious mofo, if it’s the last thing he ever does. And he succeeds, because you just can’t keep a baby and his cookie apart. Now enjoy the video and excuse me while I go watch it 50 more times in a row (possibly with cookies).