Twin Mom Message Boards Are The Worst Ever

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angry woman yelling at laptopAre you the expectant mother of twins (or more)? If you’ve been thinking about joining a message board designated for mothers of multiples, well, I hope you like iPhone photography of bodily fluids. If that doesn’t appeal to you, let me save you the trouble by summarizing every single thread that has even been written on one of these sites.

TwoBunsInTheOven – December 22, 2:07 PM

Hi all! My husband and I had our first ultrasound this morning and got the shocker: we’re having twins! We’ve been trying to conceive for a while and finally had success with Clomid and IUI, so this is very exciting for us. I thought I’d make an account on this board to meet up with some other twin parents to know what to expect. And to get any advice you have for managing a twin pregnancy! Thanks in advance 🙂

eugene_n_irenes_mum – December 22, 2:21 PM

Congratulations!! Being a twin momma is so exciting – and you should focus on that instead of the horrific months of pregnancy ahead of you. Varicose veins, endless sciatica, and enough nausea to drop a rabid yak are nothing compared to the day you get to snuggle two precious little babies in your arms. Assuming neither of them gets taken straight to the NICU, of course. But hopefully that won’t happen to your little ones. Anyway, welcome!

momma2be – December 22, 2:25 PM

we had our 1st ultrasound today too! Dr said only one baby but can someone look at my US pic and tell me if we are having twins? thx

mrs_cassidy – December 22, 2:41 PM

you really trust rando Internet strangers more than your own doctor? Awesome.

Anyway, my advice is to stock up on comfortable shoes that you can slide on when your stomach starts to get in the way of bending over to tie laces. And buy bigger shoes than you normally wear! My feet used to be size 7’s, but I now wear size 11. Oh, and I grew out of the largest size maternity clothes I could find in stores, so what I ended up doing was going online to order a small circus tent from a specialty shop. Although I think I might need to upgrade to the Little Big Top by the time I finish out the third trimester.

firsttimethirdtime – December 22, 3:03 PM

Oh, boo hoo hoo, it’s so hard to be a twin mom. At least you have enough arms for each of your kids. You don’t know what suffering is until you give birth to triplets.

Special_Kaye – December 22, 3:15 PM

Anyone have any suggestions on which car seats are easiest to fit two of in the back seat? I’m a little worried about how we’re going to manage to fit a pair into our SmartCar, but I’m sure we’ll manage somehow!

momma2be – December 22, 3:46 PM

I forgot to say before that my HCG numbers are kind of high too. can anyone look at my US plz?? Second opinions needed. thx!!

mamallama – December 22, 4:09 PM

Guys, I’m 33+2 with my twins and I think I’m leaking fluid. Should I be worried?

mamallama – December 22, 4:14 PM

It’s kind of clear-ish? Not much smell. Here’s a picture.

mamallama – December 22, 4:18 PM

Never mind. It’s just pee. Haha, oops.

Momma03032015 – December 22, 4:42 PM

The most important advice I can give you is not to listen to your doctor if he tries to bully you into a C-section. I know plenty of mothers of multiples who have had wonderful, epidural-free, complete natural home births. Listen to your body! It can do amazing things if you’ll let it!

Also, does anyone know of any good natural ways to kickstart labor? I’ve tried eating hot peppers, chugging castor oil, and of course DTD, but nothing has worked so far. Help!

Momma2be – December 22, 5:22 PM

I just woke up from a nap where I dreamed I was having twins. Do you think it could mean I am having twins??

eugene_n_irenes_mum – December 22, 5:51 PM

No, you are not having twins. Please stop posting here.

Lucy_82 – December 22, 6:18 PM

Congratulations, momma! It’s a hard slog, but so worth it. here’s a picture of my twins on their six month ‘birthday’ – you have a lot to look forward to!

mrs_cassidy – December 22, 6:36 PM

Aww, they’re so sweet! I love matching outfits like those.

Momma03032015 – December 22, 6:51 PM

How can you dress your kids in matching clothes? They are INDIVIDUALS. What kind of idiot would crush their kids’ individuality by putting them in the same clothing like that? You don’t deserve to call yourself a mother to twins.

 definitely_not_momma2be – December 22, 7:02 PM

so when I was ovulating I was watching Twin Peaks on Netflix, could I be having twins do you think maybe? thx!

eugene_n_irenes_mum – December 22, 7:17 PM


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