These Are the 11 Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

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Trying to figure out if you’re pregnant or not can be pretty complicated in the days following conception. Whether you’re hoping for a positive or negative test, it can take a while for your hCG levels to give you a proper read out. If you’ve been pregnant before, you might have an idea of the types of symptoms to expect. But if this is your (potential) first time getting pregnant, you might be wondering what are the earliest signs of pregnancy. Truth be told, every person is different and symptoms will always vary, and they might even vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. That’s why it’s best to know about all the different symptoms.

Here Are the Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

According to MayoClinic, the main and most obvious sign of pregnancy is a missed period. This can be complicated to note for those who have irregular periods, however. So how else can we tell we might be pregnant?

1. Nausea

Yep, morning sickness is real. And it doesn’t always stick to the mornings. I had nausea all day long for three months with my pregnancies, and it was the worst.


2. Tender breasts

If you never have tender (or swollen) breasts and then all of a sudden experience this, there’s an excellent chance you’re pregnant. They might even get to be downright painful at first.

3. Fatigue

Most pregnant persons feel extremely tired in the first trimester (and sometimes also in the third). It’s the kind of exhaustion that can only be rivaled by the exhaustion of new parenthood.

4. Increased Urination

You’re gonna need to pee…a lot.

5. Moodiness

You might feel perfectly fine one minute, then start bawling at a commercial for cat little the next, and then laughing way too hard at the nightly news after that. Seriously, many pregnant persons feel extreme mood shifts in those early days.

6. Food Aversion

My guess is this has to do with the nausea you’re now possibly experiencing. Certain foods will no longer seem at all appealing.

7. Cramping

You might think your period is coming up, but no. This cramping is just your uterus getting ready to welcome a lengthy visitor.

8. Bloating

You know how you might feel pretty bloated during your period? You’ll also likely experience some bloating in early pregnancy.

9. Constipation

Thanks to hormone shifts (causing your digestive system to slow down), you might get a wee bit backed up.

10. Nasal Congestion

It might feel like you’re coming down with the sniffles.

11. Light Spotting

This is the worst. You might think you were having a very light period, but it’s just “breakthrough bleeding.” If your period seems way too light, best to test.

What were your earliest signs of pregnancy? Any we didn’t list? Let us know in the comments.

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