16 Photos That Make Us Want To Raid Kate’s And Meghan’s Shoe Closets

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Duchess Meghan takes the simple nude pump to a whole new level with some PVC detailing.

You can’t see it in most of the pictures, but those gorgeous shoes have a little clear PVC detail the runs around the toe area. It’s something that most people wouldn’t even notice, but then you see it and you’re like, UM I’M SORRY WHAT? It gives the illusion of a narrow toe, but also gives the support of a full pump. The Tamara Mellon Siren 105 is such a great shoe, and we aren’t surprised at all to see it on Meghan. We’d be super jazzed to see it on ourselves, as we would be to see any of these shoes on our own feet. But this one in particular will gets our juices flowing. So classic, yet so young and fresh. Just like Meghan Markle herself!

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