Drunk Dad Has 9-Year-Old Daughter Drive Him To Store

What’s up with drunk parents having their underage children driving them around? Back in July, a Florida man who had been drinking let an 11-year-old girl drive a SUV that eventually crashed into a church (he claimed to have been teaching the girl how to drive). Then, in August, Mississippi dad Billy Joe Madden let his 8-year-old son drive his car on the interstate so that he could take a nap (i.e., sleep off his hangover). And now a dad in Michigan had his 9-year-old daughter drive him to the store because he had reporterdly been drinking.

According to CBS News, the 9-year-old girl was sitting behind the wheel of a car in a booster seat (!). Someone called the police after spotting the girl and her father, 39-year-oldĀ  Shawn Weimer, at a gas station and watching the vehicle pull onto the road with the girl driving. When they got pulled over, the girl turned to the officer and said, “What did you stop me for? I was driving good.”

The father was arrested, though he told officers he was simply teaching his daughter to drive. Oh, did we mention that this all took place at 3 a.m.?

Ahhhh! What is wrong with people? I’d like to ask what these parents were thinking, but clearly they weren’t. And in all three instances, alcohol was allegedly involved. So sad. Thank goodness no one was seriously injured in either case, which is miraculous, but you can’t help but think how much worse things could have been. I just think of this poor little 9-year-old driving around her drunk father in the middle of the night, and it breaks my heart.

(Photo: Ivo Brezina/Shutterstock)

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