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Cheatsgiving: 10 Things We Need To Do This Thanksgiving Other Than Arguing With Family Members And Crying

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tumblr thanksgivingI admit it, I’m actually getting super excited for Thanksgiving. Not only do I have a lot to be thankful for, but I have resolved that this year I’m not going to freak out over all the little things that can go wrong with planning and preparing a giant meal. I’m just going to focus on the most important things, spending time with my family, playing with my kids, and enjoying a new cocktail that doesn’t involve just vodka and cranberry juice with a spritz of lime. If you have kids in the house or children who may be visiting, you may be gathering ideas that will help make the holiday a little more special for those that you are thankful for. Here are some totally do-able ideas and projects that won’t add any stress to attempting to prepare a full holiday meal.

Gratitude Rolls 


From the Dating this idea is for your spouse or partner and involves turning everyday crescent rolls into fortune cookies, and you could easily have your kids create these for family members. You could start now by asking your kids what they are grateful for this year and printing little slips of paper out to place in rolls before you cook them. If you don’t feel like baking your own bread there is no shame in opening up a can of whomp ’em biscuits and letting your kids sit at the table and make these themselves. Kids love those things, they are cheap, and you can save the fancy bread for your adult guests.

 Scavenger Hunt 



The Taylor House has an awesome idea for a turkey day scavenger hunt and a free printable. What could make more sense than throwing the kids outside to hunt for items while you cook so that they get their ya-yas out and come to the table all hungry and tired?

 Thanksgiving Conversation Cards 


Happy Home Fairy has awesome free Thanksgiving conversation cards which I think is so genius because at most extended family gatherings there is always one relative who no one knows how to talk to. Plus, these are a way for younger kids to be able to learn dinner time conversation manners and how to engage in discussions with grownups. And, it sure does beat your uncle starting in about politics.

Leaf Sugar Cookies


 Via Pinterest, I have been making sugar cookies for as long as I can remember and not just plain sugar cookies, but super fancy painted ones. I rarely have time to do this anymore but I can certain mix different colors of my standard sugar cookie recipe and let my kids cut out these adorable leaf shapes.

 Baby’s First Thanksgiving Onesie



Love, Sweat and Beers made this adorable first turkey day onesie and suggests simply  basting the felt turkey on so it can be easily removed.

Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups 



From 99 cent crafting we have Pilgrim Hat Crayon cups. Don’t even put a tablecloth on the “kid’s table” just throw down some butcher paper and let them color or write lists of what they are thankful for.

You Also Need Something To Wear


 Skreened has some amazing shirts for you parents to wear for the holiday, and they sure do beat a boring apron.


Let Your Kids Create A Dessert 


You know who doesn’t care about your chocolate bourbon pecan pie or your pumpkin pie with vanilla bean whipped cream? The children. So let them create a totally kid-friendly dessert and be done with it. In Katrina’s Kitchen has a cute tutorial for these super kid friendly crispy treats.

Up Your Pre-Dinner Cocktail Game 


My idea of bliss the day before Thanksgiving is chopping vegetables for my stuffing and enjoying a cocktail while doing so. I used to do this with my mom but since that terrible mother  woman won’t be with me this holiday I will do it myself. The Kitchn has an awesome Thanksgiving cocktail roundup and I will be scouring it to find a new recipe.

 Express Your Gratitude 


Most supermarkets have ready-made bags you can purchase with a Thanksgiving dinner for a family for about twenty bucks, or donate to your local food bank, church, or to Feeding America. Do this with your children so they start to learn about how to be charitable in their lives.

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