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This New Baby Hack Might Just Change the Way You Store Baby Bottles Forever

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When you become a parent, a lot of things change. One of those changes is the fact that your once spacious home become cluttered with all kinds of stuff. You go from having a couch, TV, and coffee table to being inundated with playpens, changing tables, toys, and so much more all strewn about. You might have been the most organized person before. But when a baby arrives, it’s hard to make sense of the mess. Even baby bottles can be a pain to store. Fortunately, this new baby hack just might change the way you store your bottles forever.

Brooke McDaniel is a young mom of two living in Vidor, Texas. McDaniel, like many other mamas, probably had enough of figuring out how best to store her little one’s baby bottles. Those things can take up a lot of space on your already busy kitchen counters, after all. So she came up with a ridiculously easy solution that’ll have you thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”


Check it out:

Yeah, that’s right. It’s a shower caddy…in the kitchen! And why not? For just $12, she was able to organize all of her bottles and even her kiddos’ pacifiers. It’s a super easy hack that anyone can put together easily. And chances are, plenty of other parents will be rushing to Bed, Bath, and Beyond or some other similar spots for these caddies, as her post has now been shared over 106k times.

McDaniel confesses in her post that she did not expect the kind of reaction to her post that she’s received.


“I never expected this post to get shared so much, I’m not a social media blogging mom, just a normal person with a good idea,” she said in an edit to her original post.

And while she’s happy it may have helped others, it seems she’s also gotten a bit of negative commentary as well. Some folks have accused her of having “too many bottles,” or of leaving her children’s bottles out with “exposed nipples.” It’s as if people can’t just let a person parent without injecting their own beliefs and ideas into the mix. She’s not letting it get her down, though.

“And to each one of y’all reading this, if no one told you today- YOU ARE A AWESOME MOM!”

Right back at you, Brooke.

(Image: Pixabay / Ariethe)