Teen’s Guide To Dating ‘Sluts’ And ‘Goodie-Goodies’ Is The Douchiest Thing You’ll Ever Read‏

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Are you ready to lose all faith in the youth of today and home-school your kids whilst keeping them swathed in bubble wrap for the rest of their lives? Well, maybe not all those drastic moves but what you’re about to read will probably make you a little scared for the kind of social climate our kids will face as they enter high school. I’m not a nostalgic fool thinking that things were “so much better” when we were kids, but I will say — they were probably a lot more innocent.

When I came across this “Steps To Becoming A Douchebag” guide via Jezebel written in 2010 by a Connecticut high school boy, I was incredibly disturbed by the way he spoke of girls and how they should be treated and attracted. If this is the world our kids will enter in high school, then yes, I’m terrified. Here are a few choice quotes:

Knowing Your Target

  • Girls are not intelligent, any woman can be tricked into doing almost anything you want them to do

  • The only thing that prevents you from getting any action is YOU

  • Some things about girls are exactly the same no matter which one it is, but there are many types of girls and knowing which type each girl is, is the first step in the process

Types include: “the slut”, “the goodie-goodie” and the “perfect medium.” Repulsed yet? Let’s keep going. On texting:

Reading into a Message

  • Each message has a hidden message underneath it which is important to figure out

  • Multiple letters at the end of a word show excitement so a heyyy or hiii shows the girls interest in you

  • Whenever your communicating with a girl peak there interest and right when the conversation is flowing nicely, suddenly cut out, although they sometimes will not show it this will usually peak there interest and want them to continue talking to you in the future

  • Make sure you sometimes seem upset with them, over react to little things they do wrong to you and when they try to apologize just say “yea watever its fine, I gotta go”this will show that your sensitive

See that, everyone? Ignore a girl and “peak” her interest. Jesus Christ. This kid has reduced high school girls to three categories while still grouping them all together as complete morons who will fall for any and all of these idiot tricks. All in the name of getting laid, of course.

Extra Info

  • Girls are not that hard to manipulate and it only gets easier the more you do it

  • The more girls you talk to the higher the chance of getting a hook up is so quantity is more important than quality

  • Girls are going to want a guy who’s talked about so even a bad hook up is better than none at all

  • Don’t be afraid to get shut down, you’ll never land a girl if you never make the effort

There is so much more and I can’t fit it all — definitely check it out on the links above for this mess in it’s entirety.

So, how about that? The source who sent this masterpiece to Jezebel claims that the guy who wrote it actually was really popular during his time in high school and his douchebag guide only made him more so. Is it any surprise that so many rapes happens on college campuses? We all know this kid isn’t the only one who views women this way — as brainless objects to manipulate without feelings or consideration. It is enraging and shocking to read but seeing this written out, those reports of frat party rapes begin to make a bit more sense.

As a parent, this is obviously concerning. If I raised a son that thought this way, I would be horrified. Where does a 16-year old boy learn to feel so coldly toward girls? It honestly gives me chills. I would feel like a complete failure if I raised a young man that viewed his female classmates in such a cruel and callous manner. And as the parent of a daughter, the concerns are obvious. Seeing as how popular this guide made him, it’s obviously a train of thought that many high school boys have. I’m glad Jezebel got a hold of this and made it public so at least we can all know what we’re potentially up against when sending our own kids to high school. God help us all.

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