‘Stranger Danger’ Viral Video Promotes Awareness And Fear Mongering In Equal Parts

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stranger dangerA Youtube video showing a stranger walking up to kids at the playground and luring them away in seconds is making parents clutch their pearls this week, especially since the mothers of these children claim they had spoken to their kids about stranger danger before.

Youtuber Joey Salads, typically known for his prank videos, changed it up this week with a video he calls “Child Abduction (Social Experiment)”. In the video Salads approaches three separate mothers on the playground and asks them if they think their child would leave with a stranger. In each instance, the parent claims their child knows better, and then Salads walks over to the child with a fluffy white dog and within seconds takes the child by the hand and off the playground under the pretense of going to see more puppies. Here’s the video:[youtube_iframe id=”gGIDHrYKJ2s”]

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