6 Dolls Mommyish Would Like To See On The Shelves For Girls — Or Boys!

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dolls for girls

Shopping for dolls for girls can often be a disappointing experience given the many problematic messages that they send our daughters about their capabilities. From warped ideas about body image to prioritizing sexiness and beauty above intelligence, there can sometimes be not be much to choose from. Although a parent may occasionally encounter a non-emaciated, makeup-free doll that offers quotes about perhaps more than just looking pretty, such a find in your standard Toys R Us is perhaps more rare than we’d like it to be. Unless we’re heading to the American Girl store or picking up a simple baby doll, many mothers and fathers are now perpetually navigating various incarnations of those notorious Bratz dolls. And those extreme body proportions, makeup slathered faces, and fleshy outfits can have some mothers actually yearning for the days of Barbie.

So if we could stock the toy shelves, we would like to see more options for girls that address an array of interests — not just the stereotypically girly ones.  With different body shapes that don’t appear like they’ve been surgically altered, these Mommyish dolls also aren’t all about the skin either — proving to girls that if you want to be superhero, a ballerina, or even an engineer, you don’t necessarily have to be super sexy to get there.  And should your little boy want to play with these dolls too, he’s welcome! So start a line at the cash register and have those credit cards ready.


(Art work by Emma Charlton)