Doggie Doo: The Must-Have Toy For Christmas

It’s only October but retailers and keener parents already have Christmas on the brain. Just this morning, the Toy Retailers Association released its list of “dream toys” for the holidays those they predict will be bestsellers and along with a slew of high-tech items like interactive tablets and digital cameras is something way more basic: theDoggie Doo.

As the name suggests, Doggie Doo is a plastic dog that poos out brown plasticine; players compete by rolling a dice to see who can be the first to scoop up the poop.

What’s astounding to me isn’t the fact that kids are flocking to dog shit. It’s more the fact that I can see my own two boys wanting this toy and loving it. In fact, anything related to bodily functions causes belly laughter in my house. Someone burps? Giggles all around. A belch? Flat-out hysterics. Then you get into farting and, well, we’ve entered hyperventilation territory. Never mind “poo poo” two words that have made their way into every song ever played in our home. (Stevie Wonder‘s “I Just Called To Say I Love You,” for example, is known in these parts as “I Just Called To Say You’re A Poo Poo”).

So, yeah, I’m not surprised that the Doggie Doo is slated to be a bestseller. The question is: what would you rather your kids play with a kiddie iPad or fake dog shit?


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