Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Photos Have Leaked — Dina Must Be So Proud!

No too long ago, it was reported that former child star and train wreck Lindsay Lohan was paid a whopping $1 million to bare all for Playboy.  Mother of the year Dina Lohan, of course, kept us all updated as to the progress of the shoot and even brought Lindsay’s little sister Ali Lohan along for her big sister’s moment. Despite Lindsay being scheduled to unveil the issue on The Ellen Degeneres Show, “someone” leaked the cover — and as of today, the entire spread is now available online.

I suppose this is going to make for that sit down with Ellen a bit awkward given that there won’t be much of an unveiling after all. Yet, the leak seems too strategic and rather intentional on the part of Playboy or even Lindsay’s team. In fact, it wouldn’t at all be surprising if Dina herself was scanning these images and tweeting them out to the world, sending them to any PR person with a working email address and tipping off blogs left and right. [tagbox tag=”Lindsay Lohan”]

Seeing these photos, even though they’re rather tame in my estimation, make it clear exactly how many people are profiting on the serial exploitation and manipulation of this young woman. The former child star looks beautiful, clearly evoking Marilyn Monroe and Veronica Lake in a very literal imitation. But as she curls around cushions and pouts her big red lips, it’s apparent that this is her last opportunity to shock us.

Given her trajectory as a child actress and her unfortunate luck with parents, it seems as though Lindsay has been headed towards these pages since she was a little girl. But the next time she gets a DUI or gets busted for cocaine possession or physically assaults someone, what will she be able to do next?

Dina Lohan may have come to the end of exploiting her prize cow, her first born.


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