Woman on Her Way to the Hospital to Give Birth Dies in Tragic Car Accident

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This is an absolutely heartbreaking story. Desiree Strout, a 27-year-old mother of 2 from Skowhegan, Maine was on her way to the hospital to deliver her third child. She was traveling with her husband Harry Weeks and their 8-year-old daughter when the car hit a patch of black ice. Desiree lost control of the car, and it slid off the road, rolled, and came to rest on a frozen lake.

Tragically, Desiree Strout died on the way to the hospital. Her baby, a boy, was delivered via c-section, and is in critical condition.

desiree strout

Image: Facebook/Desiree Marie Strout

Harry Weeks suffered a punctured lung and lacerated liver in the accident. He is still hospitalized in critical condition. The 8-year-old girl suffered minor injuries. Desiree and Harry’s other daughter, 7, was not in the car with them.

Authorities say the paramedics performed life-saving measures on the scene. But Desiree succumbed to her injuries in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Doctors delivered the baby boy via emergency c-section at a local hospital. Miraculously, he pulled through. As of Monday, he was still listed in critical condition. Officials have declined to comment further on his condition. They said the family is asking for privacy during the difficult time.

Friends and family remember Desiree as an amazing mother with a bubbly personality.

Brandon Blodgett, who attended high school with Desiree, told PEOPLE magazine that Desiree homeschooled her daughters, and had a passion for teaching them. Her uncle Dana Weeks recalls her big, bright smile. Of her newborn son, Weeks says, “Now the little man’s empty handed, you can find a dad figure any place, but moms are golden, you ain’t gonna find that every place, you can’t. You can’t replace a mom, not in my book.”

Our hearts go out to the Strout/Weeks family during this incredibly difficult time. Sending love and strength to everyone affected by this tragedy.

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