Female Indonesian Police Officers Subjected To Archaic And Invasive Virginity Test Before They’re Allowed On The Force‏

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If you are female and want to be a police officer in Indonesia, there is an important matter that must be attended to first. One would think the most important factor in assessing whether someone should become a police officer would be passing a physical fitness or mental aptitude test. In Indonesia, maybe that is the case if you are born with a penis but all women who want to join their police force have to submit to a “virginity test” first. And this is the part where you will all want to toss your computers on top of a bonfire and give up on humanity.

Here is a video from Human Rights Watch including interviews with female police officer applicants:

[youtube_iframe id=”oaBFLwD934U”]

If you are unable to watch the video, from The Washington Post, we have the first-person account of a 19-year old Indonesian woman who wanted to join the police force. Here is how this atrocity goes down:

“They put up a curtain so that outsiders could not look inside,” she told Human Rights Watch in a report published Tuesday. “My group of about 20 girls was asked to enter the hall and was asked to take off our clothes, including our bras and underpants.”

Then came the exam.

“We’re asked to sit on a table for women giving birth,” she said. “A female doctor did the virginity test — the ‘two-finger’ test.”

Sick to your stomach yet? I know I am. This is obviously wrong for about a million different reasons but let’s start with the most glaring- this “test” tells a doctor nothing about a woman’s virginity (or lack thereof). Some women are born without a hymen at all and many have sex without any rupture or bleeding. It can also be ruptured by tampon use and it can regenerate after a woman loses her virginity. In short, it is proof of absolutely nothing.

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