Daycare Disaster: Baby Puts Dead Mouse In Her Mouth

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This is pretty gag-inducing, especially for a Monday morning, yet we still felt the need to share the fact that 8-month-old Alanah Barba was found playing with a mouse in her mouth a Newark daycare center. The girl’s mother, Brittany, told ABC News, “Lately, she’s been vomiting. Everything she’s eaten, she’s throwing it back up.” (Oy, this poor child!)

The daycare’s executive director Kiburi Tucker – himself a father of five – said this type of thing never happens. “This was an isolated incident, I was really hurt by this, it could have been my child.” He insists the children are well supervised and that the incident occurred due to a “split second of a turned head.”

Alanah’s grandmother actually works at the daycare center and she’s the one who discovered the rodent in her granddaughter’s mouth. (Can you imagine the horror?)

The state health department has since paid a visit and offered suggestions like moving shelves and furniture away from the walls. As well, exterminators will now be visiting twice rather than just once a month to ensure this never happens again.

As sickening as this story is, I do believe it could happen anywhere. But here’s hoping we don’t hear of a similar incident any time soon – or ever.

(Photo: iStockphoto)