25 Secrets Moms Who Co-Sleep Want To You To Understand

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And we always end up at the end of the bed without fail…

co-sleeping at the edge of the bed

Image: Facebook / Nurtured Mumma

Earlier in your co-sleeping journey, you used to think that the best way for you, your husband, and your child to get more space in bed is to buy a bigger bed. After all, it is the most logical thing to do after sleeping on the edge of the bed for weeks straight. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t seem to work as well as you planned. The only one who seemed to get more space in the bed is your kid, who took full advantage by stretching out their arms and legs like an octopus while you and your husband continued to sleep at the edge of the bed. Well, at least you tried. You decided to get used to sleeping on the edge instead.

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