Chris Brown And Rihanna Collaboration Tells Kids That There Is Romance After Felony Assault Charges

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Chris Brown 061011Speculation surrounding the Chris Brown and Rihanna collaboration following his Grammys performance reached fruition this weekend with not one, but two songs. The pair debuted a new version of Brown’s “Turn Up The Music” and “Birthday Cake,” which shares the two pining to get it on with one another despite, you know, domestic abuse. And regardless of whether you’re a parent who refuses X-rated lyrics in the home, your kids are still privy to the two public figures making nice — and sexy — following Chris Brown’s felony assault charges.

Tweets by young women begging Chris Brown to beat on them may have been nauseating enough to parents looking to raise self-confident, respectful kids of both genders. However, Rihanna openly recording a song with her abusive ex-boyfriend three years after the assault just diminishes the charges to a lover’s spat — a dangerous message to send to boys and girls. The explicit sexuality in “Birthday Cake” also suggests that lusting over your abuser or victim is also permissible, further telling kids that beating up on someone isn’t only acceptable — but that the makeup can be hot and sexy.

The lyrics read:

Ooh baby, I like it
You so excited

Don’t try to hide it
I’mma make you my bitch
Cake, cake, cake, cake

I know you wanna bite this
Its so enticin’
Nothin’ else like this

I’mma make you my bitch

Chris Brown
Girl I wanna fuck you right now

Been a long time I been missin’ your body
Let me, let me turn the lights down
When I, when I go down, it’s a private party
It’s not even her birthday, but I wanna lick the icing off
Give it to her in the worst way
I wanna blow the candles out

This move by Rihanna and Chris Brown not only dismisses domestic violence as a major offense, but also assures younger audiences that love, sex, and intimacy can remain following abuse in relationships. And for those looking to inoculate their kids against tolerating or initiating such fundamental disrespect in romantic partnerships, this song debut is more than merely alarming.

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