Crazy Ballet Stage Mom Sent Naked Pictures Of Her Kids To Skeevy Dance Instructor”

dirty-ballet-shoes-refectionI’m sure none of you needed more proof that attempting to live vicariously through a child is a terrible idea, but just in case, here’s the story of a mother who was so “obsessed” with her daughters having successful ballet careers that she sent naked pictures to their instructor.

You’re welcome, I guess.

The mother, who isn’t named in this report by The Sydney Morning Herald, sent naked pictures of her two daughters performing “lewd acts” to their instructor, Grant Davies, who was arrested last year on 63 child sexual abuse related charges that spanned over 10 years.

She did this for two years. Two years. Try and let that sink in. Because her daughters were both under 14 at the time the pictures were taken, their mother was arrested on charges related to the production and distribution of child pornography last summer. She had been out on bail for the past year, but that was revoked after the hearing today, where the judge learned that the mother had not been attending any counseling or treatment in relation to the incident.

In the course of the hearing, it came to light that the mother was “obsessed” with furthering the girls’ dance careers because her own had ended when she was 10 and struggling with anorexia. What’s sadder is that her two daughters don’t seem to understand what the big deal is, and one of them told a state psychologist that:

“[The mother] sent nude photos of me and my sisters to [Mr Davies]. I don’t think it was wrong because we had to do everything he said.”

In a way, this makes sense, because the child is a child, and therefore it isn’t her job to say, “hey this crusty old dude wants pictures of me doing sexual things but I don’t have to because my body belongs to only me“. That’s the point where your parents are supposed to step and say “no”, or “hell, no”, or better still say nothing and call the cops before you put him on blast for being a nasty predator.

And sorry, (but really, not all that sorry) but I don’t believe for one moment that the mother was terrified of Davies, as she claims. From the Sydney Morning Herald:

She said she and her children were scared of Mr Davies and she “did everything he told me to do”.

But the court was read text messages exchanged between the pair during which the woman admitted the conversation appeared to be “joking and frivolous”.

In one Mr Davies is alleged to have asked the mother in November 2011 “are the girls naked?”, to which she responded “no. Lol” followed by “how about on the weekend they do you some more special G-shots?”

When he replied “why wait?”, the mother sent sexually explicit photos half an hour later of her daughter.

“That has made me excited and horny,” Mr Davies allegedly wrote.

Gross. On top of that, the mother only stopped sending the messages at all when Davies was arrested last year, which basically just says to me that she’d still be doing it if he hadn’t been. The judge in this case indicated that the mother would be serving time in prison for being such a failure at life, so at least one adult in the world isn’t horrible and deluded.

Nothing is ever this important. Not ballet, not athletics, not academic advancement, nothing. There is absolutely nothing in the world that is worth the price of your children’s innocence and trust.

One day I hope these two girls will see that and hold their mother responsible for the havoc she wreaked on their lives.

(Image: Sean Nel/Shutterstock)

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