It’s Always The Pregnancy Complication You Didn’t See Coming That Gets You

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Cholestasis of pregnancy is when your liver can’t handle filtering the amount of bile that the body is producing. For expectant moms, it means you’ll be itchy but fine once the pregnancy is over. For a baby in the womb, it means the risk of stillbirth or fetal death increases the longer the baby is in utero. I never worried about it, because there was only a small paragraph in my pregnancy book about it and it said the condition was rare. Having a rare medical condition is one of the few times I don’t think anyone wants to be one in a million, but there I was.

I had just spent the last month trying so hard to keep these babies in, and now all I wanted to do was get them out. But at 30 weeks, the prematurity risks were still substantial. My OB thought we could wait until 35 weeks to induce, but he left the final decision up to me and made it clear that we were taking a calculated risk. There would be no warning sign that something was wrong with the babies in utero, so I felt like a ticking bomb.

In the end, I went into labor at 33 weeks without medical intervention. I was extremely fortunate- my boys were early, but they were very much alive. It wasn’t the stretch marks or hormones or even my emergency C-section that were the worst part of my pregnancy. It was having no control over the millions of things that could go wrong.

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