Celebrities With Creepy Dads: Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan And More

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brits arrivals 50 210212Every family has its shtick but when you’re in the public spotlight, that shtick becomes all the more magnified. And lately I’ve been noticing a lot of weirdness when it comes to father-daughter relationships – at least in the celeb sphere. The latest casualty involves Rihanna and her gag-inducing dad Ronald Fenty. After two years of not speaking, Rihanna and Fenty reunited in 2010. Since that time, he’s said some pretty idiotic things, including calling Chris Brown – who physically assaulted his daughter – a “nice guy.” (“Everyone’s entitled to make mistakes,” he reasons.) What’s with that? Most men I know – actually, make that all men I know – would want to kick the shit out of any guy who lay a finger on their little girl.

As if that’s not disturbing enough, Fenty enters a whole new realm of creepy when he comments on his daughter’s body. The New York Post reports he’s taking credit for Rihanna’s killer bod, boasting that he encouraged her to work out by calling her “fat.” Okay, really, Fenty should keep his mouth shut. That man gives me the creeps – and he’s not the only one. Click through to see our roundup of inappropriate dads who should really refrain from commenting on their celeb daughters’ physical assets. Ew.