Let’s Party Like We’re Not Going To Die Alone At An Egg-Freezing Party

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Egg freezing partiesDon’t be surprised if your childless friend’s next Evite looks like this:

“So I hear you’re worried about your fertility… that’s why you’re invited to come to Karen’s house for an egg-freezing partayyyyyyyyyyyyy!” That last part should be narrated by Oprah. Alternatively, those little critters Hoops and Yoyo from Hallmark can come up with an egg-freezing party song, which would be adorable.

At first glance, the term “egg freezing party” may raise a lot of questions, such as:

  • Why would I want to freeze my eggs with group of other women?
  • Why are we doing this at Karen’s house? Doesn’t she have a dog?
  • Will there be snacks?

The truth is, egg freezing parties are a new way for a company called Egg Banxx (the extra X is for ladies) to make money. I mean, spread awareness.

A few days ago, a group of over 70 women in New York City paid $45 a ticket to drink champagne and talk about egg freezing. The party was held by Egg Banxx, who is also offering a discounted rate for their services, down to around $7000 from the industry average of $14,000. For the egg retrieval, mind you, which is a great deal but then you have to pay rent for your eggs, which is a whole ‘nother spendy carton of eggs. I mean, bag of beans.

I think egg freezing is awesome. I think teaching women about their options (if they can afford it) and encouraging them to pursue other goals is rad. But we don’t have to go to a corporate-sponsored event at a hotel to learn about it. Remember those bachelorette parties you used to go to where the representative from the sex shop would come with dildos and vibrators and everyone would scream and then buy four each? Let’s do that with egg-freezing! Let’s have someone from an egg bank come to your house and talk to you and your friends about their services (note: this would be a terrible idea for a bachelorette party, btw).

Just don’t forget the snacks. I personally would recommend hard-boiled eggs, and that is why, even if I didn’t already have kids, I would never be invited to one of these parties.

Bottoms up!

(photo: DeshaCAM / Shutterstock)