Busybodies Don’t Want Your Kids To Eat At McDonald’s

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I never used to eat fast food. It didn’t appeal to me. Somehow, however, watching the anti-fast food propaganda documentary film SuperSize Me had the opposite than intended effect. It made me curious about Wendy’s and McDonald’s. I found out I liked it and was really good. In moderation. So I would eat it, occasionally, if I was traveling. Or coming home from a late night.

I’m not, however, a huge fan of the food. As it turns out, though, our nanny took my children to McDonald’s today. It had probably been about six months or so since they’d been previously (we almost always eat whole foods at home) and they had a blast. The perfect capstone to a trip to the museum.

But those people in the world who don’t understand the term “personal responsibility,” who want to ban every possible thing that they view as unhealthy, are aiming their guns at McDonald’s. Because, you know, a world where personal choices and personal responsibility are removed makes them feel good, I guess.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a bunch of busybodies backed by money ran full page ads in newspapers demanding that McDonald’s to stop marketing to children. Because parents have apparently lost the ability to say “no” to their children, or to turn of the television, or tell their kids to go outside and play without constant supervision.

These types of campaigns have bite. They come as federal regulators are threatening to “ask” food makers to adhere to marketing standards for children. As if parents can’t just, you know, parent and tell their kids what’s okay and what’s not okay to eat.

So get your Ronald McDonald and Happy Meal toys before the food police take them from you. Sigh.