‘Say It To My Face,’ Hilary Duff Tells Baby Weight Critics – You Go, Girl!

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hilary duff baby weightThree months after giving birth to baby Luca, Hilary Duff was photographed by the Paparazzi wearing nothing but a black bikini while holding her sweet little guy. I, for one, was floored by how good she looked (this is a woman who knows how to rock a bikini!). But it turns out there were others who felt differently. In fact, from the moment those photos surfaced online, hordes of evil trolls were quick to bash the 24-year-old’s post-baby body. Which is just pathetic.

There are people out there – lots of them, apparently – who actually believe that women should be sporting a six-pack days after creating human life. (Normal, right?) Of course, there are many women – celebs and otherwise – who bounce right back into shape post-baby (Victoria Beckham and Beyonce spring to mind). Some work hard at it, others are just plain lucky. But, as this recent photo goes to show, postpartum bodies come in all different shapes and sizes – a fact we should be celebrating.

The good news is that Duff’s confidence hasn’t been too shattered by the criticism. “I’m not perfect, but I feel fantastic,” she told In Touch magazine.“This is how it goes for most women – the weight doesn’t fall off overnight.” (For the record, Duff was also criticized for hitting the gym just 10 days after giving birth. Go figure.)

She told In Touch she’s been exercising a few times a week – mostly spinning and personal training – and that she doesn’t care what people say. “I’m not back to where I want to be, but I’m not stressing [over] it.” Duff also told the magazine that critics should have the courage to “say it to my face.” (I love it!)

Of course, 24-year-old Duff isn’t the first celeb to be criticized for her post-baby body. In the past few months alone, we’ve witnessed Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan being bashed for her weight gain and then, of course, there’s Jessica Simpson, who’s Weight Watchers deadline is fast approaching. You’ve got to feel for these women; sure, they’ve chosen to be in the public spotlight, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re being scrutinized so soon after creating human life.