Male Classmates Wear Skirts To Protest Dumb Fine School Issued To Trans Peer

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Here’s a heaping side of warm fuzzies to go with your Monday morning coffee- a Brazilian high school overturned a fine they levied on a transgender student after her classmates staged a demonstration protesting the dress code.


Maria Muniz is a transgender girl who was assigned male at birth. She attends Colégio Pedro II in Rio de Janeiro. She wore a skirt to school and was initially fined for violating the school dress code. Classmates of Muniz disagreed with the school’s decision and decided to act out in support. Nine days after Muniz was fined, both male and female students wore skirts to school in protest of the dress code.

Awesome, right? I love reading about families accepting their children for who they are, but teens are not always open-minded or kind to each other. Reading about teens supporting each other and organizing a peaceful protest in and of itself is enough to give me goosebumps- but the story gets even better. Not only did the school reverse the fine, so Muniz doesn’t have to pay it, the school is now considering relaxing the dress code. School officials further offered their support by posting a photo of the protesting students on the schools social media accounts under the now trending hashtag #VouDeSaia.

It’s not easy to admit when you’re wrong, so giant kudos to the school officials for owning up to what they did and working to make it right. This story reminds me of all those teen movies like Footloose or The Breakfast Club where by the end everyone gets along and they all bust into a group dance number. I know that’s probably not how this went down, but I am so happy for Muniz and her classmates for working together and spreading such a positive message of acceptance for all.

(Photo courtesy of Twitter)