So Much For Children’s Safety: Boy, 11, Boards Plane To Italy Without Passport Or Ticket

travel with childrenWe all know by now that most airport security measures, no matter where in the world you happen to be, are a total joke. But the latest story out of Manchester takes it to soaring new heights. That’s because an 11-year-old boy managed to get on a flight to Italy without a passport, ticket or boarding pass. Also missing? An adult. Granted, an 11-year-old is usually old enough to fly unsupervised; but in this instance, the boy’s mother had zero clue her son was even at the airport in the first place.

According to reports, the pair was shopping together at a mall when the boy took off from his mother. She reported him missing at 12:40 p.m. By that point, he had already sneaked through passport checks and the boarding gate without anyone noticing until he was en route to Rome (!). Airport staff kept him on the plane, and he was safely returned to his mother in England later that night.

Fortunately, there’s a happy ending here. But, really, WTF? A Manchester Airport spokesperson said, “The boy went through full security screening, so the safety of passengers and the aircraft was never compromised.” I beg to disagree. This is a kid who got onto an airplane without a passport or boarding pass! We’re supposed to believe that passengers’ safety was never compromised?

Regardless, it’s crazy what kids are capable of. This boy is 11, and he should have known better, but you have to wonder what on earth he was thinking. Though the important thing is that he’s safe, thank goodness.

(Photo: Ilja Mašík/Shutterstock)

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