Kris Jenner Shockingly Gifts Kendall An Awesomely Non-Sexualizing Birthday Gift

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kendall jennerThe woman who wrote the book on momager, Kris Jenner, may be giving her daughters tips on sex tapes and how to appropriately exploit their newborn. But it turns out that even this 24/7 business-minded mother is capable of gifting presents to her offspring that don’t necessarily come in the form of a sexualizing bathing suit photo shoots or bondage heels. The kid didn’t even have to take her clothes off for this one.

Perhaps tigers can change those mass marketing stripes.

Last year, Kendall Jenner‘s sweet 16 was surprisingly sweet considering that tattoos and Las Vegas were the prominent themes. This year, though, Kris put that Kardashian empire money to good use and arranged for a private helicopter to take the kid around the Australian outback. The birthday girl went all enthusiastic teen on Twitter and documented her gift with images of the gorgeous island and koalas. Kris also posted her own adorable rendition of the trip.

Mother and daughter were reportedly down under for budding model Kendall’s cover shoot for Miss Teen Vogue. So instead of giving her daughter a hypothetical tutorial on how to mark her 18th birthday with a panty-flash or some such business, Kris arranged for a totally awesome and memorable helicopter ride.

Color me shocked.

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