My Fiancé Has To Regularly Rotate The Photo Of The Kids On His Phone

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blending familiesThere is a lot of jealousy when it comes to blending families. Case in point? Technology. My fiancé has to rotate the photo on his iPhone screen because he is surrounded by a bunch of jealous family members, half biologically related, half not.

When his two daughters are with us, he makes sure there is a photo of them on his iPhone. If there isn’t one, there WILL be one, because his daughters will “crack” into his phone and change the setting. When my daughter got wind of this whole “hijacking” of phone business, she asked my fiancé why there was never a photo of her on his phone. She wanted in on the action.

My daughter, like most kids these days, easily figured out how to take a photo from his phone and made a screensaver of herself. For an entire 24 hours there was a photo of my daughter on my fiancé’s phone, before his children arrived, because he knew they would be all, “WTF? Why isn’t there a picture of US?”

I also hijack his phone to include a photo of us, because I like the idea that he sees US when he picks up his phone. So do his daughters. So does my daughter. Thankfully our son is only 10 months old and only knows how to CHEW on the phone. So, his daughters hijack, my daughter hijacks, and I hijack and my fiancé is left shaking his head, doing a mental calendar of when he has to change his photos, so none of the women in his life get jealous.

“I change the photos every two days,” he sighed the other day when asked why there was a photo of the dog on his phone.

The safest photo for him to have on his phone IS probably a photo of the dog or a photo of our son, because we ALL love him to death. But, like I said, there is jealousy and his daughters will want their photo back up. My daughter, who finds the entire thing just h-i-g-h-LARIOUS, will crack into his phone while he’s in the shower and put her photo up, because she finds it funny.

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