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What Your Astrological Sign Says About Your Parenting Style

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Some people swear that your astrological sign can tell you things about your future love life or financial success. But the real benefit to knowing your sign is how much it can tell you about the type of parent you are. Here’s what your astrological sign says about your parenting style.


You’re smart and good at coming up with original ideas, making you the one kids flock to for a bedtime story or help with a school project. You have a habit of pulling away from people, so you have no qualms about taking some time for yourself away from your kids when you feel like you need a break.


You’re sensitive, compassionate and kind, making you the parent your kids always come to when they have a boo-boo that needs kissing. They also know you’re a easy mark for getting an extra cookie or another episode of Doc McStuffins. Your selfless nature and dislike for upsetting others makes you a potential mommy martyr, so don’t be afraid to ask for a break from parenting duties when you need one.


You’re adventurous and quick-witted, making you a huge hit with the tween sect. You love a last minute day trip and think children who curse are hilarious and should be encouraged. You’re quick-tempered and sometimes impatient. Your deepest, darkest secret is that you didn’t love the newborn phase.


Your tendency to be inflexible makes you the parent your kid does not to be the first to see his report card. But your extreme patience and reliability means your the one your adult child will call in the middle of the night if the car breaks down or they don’t know how to reset the modem.


Your duel nature means you’re good at adapting to the unexpected demands of parenting, like a mid-aisle diaper blow out or finding out at 10 pm that you have to make cupcakes for the bake sale tomorrow. Your capacity for being very cunning means your children are afraid of you every April Fool’s Day.


You’re emotional and overprotective, making you a prime candidate for moving to the town where your child attends college. Love You Forever is your favorite children’s book, you find it sweet and not at all creepy that a mom would climb in her adult son’s window at night.

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