27 Iconic TV Episodes That Totally Nail Real-Life Parenting

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Fresh Off the Boat (Season 2, episode 20) Hi, My Name Is…

Image: ABC

When the family toaster breaks, the family takes youngest son Evan to the bank. If he opens a bank account, they get a free toaster. But as he goes to sign the paperwork, he faces a major dilemma, what name to use. He spends the rest of the episode deliberating over using his American name or his Chinese name. Parents Louis and Jessica don’t actually help at all, hilariously recalling how they each chose their American names. And then they reveal that the name Evan doesn’t really hold any significance, it was the name of the nurse helping to deliver him. In the end, Grandma Huang comes through, telling Evan that names don’t make you, you make your name. It’s one of the best episodes because it shows that parenting is hard, no matter your culture.

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