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5 Attractive Jobs for Professionals Embracing Parenthood For The First Time

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The following article is a guest submission from Aditya Sharma, co-founder of Hiration, an AI-powered online resume builder and platform to help job-seekers.


Good Jobs For First-Time Parents

When facing parenthood for the first time, new parents often find it hard to find a balance between their careers and their duties as a parent. Studies show that married women reported significantly higher family-work conflict than their unmarried counterparts.

Working parents need to find a job that doesn’t hog all their time and lets them focus on their family. Finding a career that pays the bills while leaving time to raise a happy family is a diamond in the rough, and without a doubt, it is hard to find. Note: we said “hard,” not “impossible.”

Jobs that have flexible hours and work-from-home opportunities are ideal for parents, so we have compiled a list of five attractive jobs for professionals embracing parenthood for the first time: 

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