‘Bee Maternity Photoshoot’ Mom Suffers Devastating Stillbirth

Well, this is just utterly heartbreaking. Emily Mueller, the Ohio mom who went viral for her one-of-a-kind bee maternity photoshoot, suffered an absolutely devastating stillbirth just days away from her due date. Emily and her husband Ryan shared the news on Facebook, along with some photos of their sweet boy, Emersyn Jacob. They believe a blood clotting issue caused Emersyn’s death in utero. Other family members who have the same disorder have suffered miscarriages, too.

Emily got into beekeeping to cope after suffering several miscarriages. The bee maternity photoshoot was special to the Muellers, and captivated millions of people around the world.


Emily says she first sensed something was wrong when she couldn’t feel Emersyn moving around like usual. After she and Ryan failed to find a heartbeat with their own doppler, they went to the hospital. She was hoping she’d be sent home with an all-clear. However, the nurses and doctors were unable to find Emersyn’s heartbeat, either.

Emily says, “I remember thinking it felt strange to dress myself in a gown in front of the nurses but giving birth sort of breaks you in on these things; I then laid in the bed with our youngest son, Westyn. My husband stood next to me with our daughter and our oldest son had already been at school. The nurses put a monitor on me and tried to find a heartbeat. They moved it, added more gel, moved it again…found my heartbeat and put a monitor on my finger to compare the beats. They tried and tried. I finally asked them, you can’t find the heartbeat? The nurses tried comforting me, telling me to just wait as it seemed more and more of them came into the room. Tears streamed down my face and breathing started to become difficult.”

The nurses got the doctor on call, and he tried and tried to locate a heartbeat, as well. Then he turned to her and told her the baby had passed.


We can’t even imagine the shock and pain the Muellers experienced hearing those words, just days away from his presumed arrival. At some point, that far along in your pregnancy, you just assume everything is fine. Emily goes on to say that the worst part came after, when she learned that she would need to be induced to deliver her stillborn son. Our hearts are breaking for them.

The Muellers shared some beautiful photographs of Emersyn on their Facebook page.


The family has asked for prayers as they struggle to move through this extraordinarily difficult time. If you have some to give, please send them their way.

(Image: Facebook/Mueller Honey Bee Removal)

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