Dear Amber Rose, Revealing A Pregnancy At The VMAs Is A PR Stunt Owned By Beyonce

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I am confused. All the news this morning is that Wiz Kkalifa and Amber Roseconfirmed” their pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards last night. And yes, the couple was there and Rose was very obviously carrying a child. Her skintight dress was not exactly trying to hide anything. But I’m confused as to why anyone considers this news. I thought she was just there, being pregnant, because that’s what she happens to be right now. I assumed this because I can’t imagine anyone trying to recreate the pregnancy announcement that happened at the VMAs last year.

It was just a year ago that Beyonce mommyjacked the entire awards show with one little belly rub at the end of a performance. It was the pregnancy announcement that created more Twitter buzz than the World Cup, a record-setting earthquake and even the royal wedding. Who remembers anything about last year’s VMAs other than, “Beyonce was pregnant! And Jay-Z looked adorably excited.”

Who in their right mind would now want to announce their pregnancy at this awards show? You will never ever top Beyonce. I don’t know Amber Rose personally, but I can’t imagine anyone being that confident in their own popularity.

That’s why this whole situation seems so bizarre to me. I thought we already knew Amber Rose was pregnant. At least, we were all talking about the possibility of her being pregnant, because her fiance took the time to address the rumors back in the beginning of August on an Atlanta radio program.

Then, the model and former girlfriend of Kanye West has been out and about in clingy clothes, patting that growing bump all this week. It certainly doesn’t seem like the woman was trying to hide anything. Even if she and Wiz weren’t talking about the pregnancy to the press, they wouldn’t be the first couple to refuse to acknowledge what we all already know. (Hello Drew Barrymore, aren’t you glowing.)

Maybe Rose’s pregnancy is simply at the point where they couldn’t technically deny it at the VMAs. I still don’t see this as some big reveal though, which is how it’s playing out in the media. I don’t know a woman alive who would want to copycat Beyonce’s birth announcement. That’s just too much pressure. Why didn’t the couple just release a statement earlier this week and be done with it? Why go for the red carpet confirmation, guaranteeing that you’ll be compared to last year?

For what it’s worth, Rose looked great in her clingy lace dress. She and her fiance were pretty cute on the red carpet, finally discussing the addition to the family. I just don’t understand the wish to recreate last year’s excitement. It just didn’t happen this year, guys.