Barbie Is Getting A Much-Needed New Makeover That Will Make You Like Her Even More

barbieI love Barbie. I love her from the top of her blonde head to the bottom of her problematically pointed little feet. My favorite Barbies have always been the wild designer Barbies and the Silkstone Barbies that look like vintage Barbies and wear fabulous retro clothes, but now Barbie is getting a much-needed new makeover that I am very excited about, because she’s finally getting a more diverse range of facial molds and skin colors, and she’s even getting feet that can bend.

The dolls will all still have the same body type, but even that body type is a smidge better, because the new Barbies have ankles that can bend so she can put her feet flat on the ground and not have to tiptoe around in high heels.


This is definitely an improvement over the time Christian Louboutin modified Barbie’s feet to make them even smaller, because he thought the original mold had cankles.

According to Cosmopolitan, the new Barbie Fashionistas line has a huge new range of possible appearances. There are 8 skin tones, 18 eye colors, 23 hair colors, 22 hairstyles, and 14 different facial sculpts. That makes for a much more diverse array of dolls, and it’s about time. Little kids want to see themselves and people who look like them when they play, and hopefully this collection will help more little kids do that.

“The Barbie Fashionistas line was designed to represent the world girls see around them,” Mattel said. “With 23 dolls that feature 14 different facial sculpts, eight skin tones, 18 eye colors, and 23 hair colors with fashions reflecting authentic street style. This line represents a continued evolution of the Barbie brand.”

If this is the direction the Barbie brand is evolving, then I approve. A wider range of skin colors and hair types is an excellent start. Hopefully this will be a big success and Mattel will keep Barbie moving in the direction of greater diversity.

Photos: Instagram/Barbie

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