Sorry, Blue Ivy, Maxwell Drew Johnson Is Trending On Twitter Too

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maxwell drew johnsonAfter what seemed like an absurdly long pregnancy for celebrity women, Jessica Simpson finally brought her daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson into the world. While the tendency among a lot of women in the limelight is to confirm well after the first trimester, thereby existing in the public’s consciousness as pregnant for a mere six months or so, Jessica was visibly pregnant early on.

Her baby’s birth has been very warmly welcomed with even her daughter’s name boldly trending on Twitter as we speak. And I don’t think we’ve seen a birth of this magnitude in the Twittersphere since — dare I even say it — Blue Ivy.

Beyonce‘s pregnancy may have trumped many a record with her news, but with both Jessica Simpson and her new daughter being confirmed and congratulated from all corners of cyberspace, Blue Ivy may have finally encountered some clicking competition. It’s a petty crown to squabble over but with a league of famous women profiting off and exploiting their bumps in the name of branding and TV shows, every number counts. So Blue Ivy better enjoy that princess crib while she can because we may have just met the baby with whom she has to share that title with.